Blackjack Rules – How to Play Popular Card Game at Canadian Casinos


blackjack rules

Casino games are popular in all countries of the world due to the spread of online gambling. From Las Vegas, the capital of gambling establishments, to Rome, Brasilia and Ottawa, slots and card games are in great demand. Although every culture has its own characteristics of the perception of gambling, there is one form of gambling that does not leave indifferent any Canadian. Of course, we are talking about blackjack, a wonderful game that combines strategy and chance.

Unlike slots, you need to know the blackjack rules in order to be successful in this game. So, we will be focusing on Canadian blackjack rules so that local newbie gamblers can quickly get up to speed with this casino classics. Although it is not much different from those forms of blackjack that are played in other countries of the world, there are some nuances that we will highlight in this article.

Rules of Blackjack for Canadians

Known as the game of 21, blackjack aims for you to score more points than the dealer under 21. Here’s what you need to know about the rules of Canadian blackjack before you sit down at a table – virtual or physical:

  1. Place your bet and then two cards will be dealt to each player. Unlike poker, the other players at the table are not your opponents, only the dealer.
  2. According to the blackjack rules (Canadian and Australian blackjack rules), two cards are also dealt to the dealer – one face up and another one face down.
  3. Your hand is valued by the total of your cards. You can choose between the following options – hit, stand, double down, split and also insurance. Players play as long as they can choose between Stand and Bust (automatic loss).
  4. According to the blackjack rules (blackjack dealer rules), the dealer acts last. He’s hitting until he reaches 17 (or some other score) – or until he goes over 21.

By making a hand with a higher score than the dealer or if the dealer busts, you win.

Blackjack Tournaments in Canada

Although tournament blackjack is based on the classic version of the game, there are some differences you should be aware of – check the tournament rules below.

  • Every player starting with a fixed bankroll competes against both the dealer and other players.
  • According to the blackjack rules for tournaments, the casino sets the number of rounds – each round contains a set number of hands.
  • Although there are many tournament formats, the elimination game is the most popular. All player losses are limited to the fee paid for playing the game.
  • The rules of tournament blackjack for the dealer become more complicated as this format assumes that players will face each other too.
  • While prizes are distributed among the finalists in a fixed structure, the winner receives the grand prize.

By knowing the blackjack rules and understanding how to play against opponents to gain an advantage, you will achieve great success playing the tournament format.

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