How to count cards in blackjack


The game of blackjack differs from other gambling games in that with the proper skill and skill, the player can beat the casino. Each player should take some time to master the technique of card counting and reduce to zero the already insignificant advantage of the gambling house.

Counting cards allows the player to keep track of the ratio between the high and low value cards remaining in the deck. This helps to accurately calculate who owns the advantage in the game and to manage the rates in accordance with it. If the deck is dominated by cards with a high value, then this means the player’s advantage. If it’s low, then the dealer.

The ability to count the remaining cards in the deck can provide you with fairly accurate information about the likelihood of a useful card in your hand.

Card counting history

In 1962, mathematics professor Edward O. Thorpe revolutionized the game of blackjack when he published his book Beat the Dealer. Thorpe used a supercomputer at MIT to simulate a blackjack game using a card counting system.

In his book, it was mathematically proven for the first time that a player can overcome a small house edge by counting cards.

Counting cards in land-based casinos

You don’t need to be a math genius to be able to count cards. Therefore, dozens of people have tried to apply card counting in their blackjack games.

Counting cards is not illegal activity in a casino, but at the same time, the gambling house reserves the right to expel a player suspected of counting. The reason for this attitude lies on the surface. When the player uses card counting, the casino loses its advantage and it goes to the player.

Casinos are verifying the identity of suspected card counting. And later they tell the players that they would rather not see them at the blackjack tables. Previously, there were specially trained thugs in the casino who, with the help of brute force, explained casino policies.

Now every casino is trying not to appear in police reports once again. Therefore, if you find yourself in such an unpleasant situation, then calmly tell the casino employee that if you are suspected of a crime, then let them go to the police. No security guard or casino employee has the right to detain you without involving the police. Most likely, they will simply ask you to leave. Leave and be extremely careful in the future.

Counting cards in online casinos

Blackjack games in online casinos are software. The software uses a random number generator that shuffles the cards after each deal. Cards are not always removed from the deck. If you play blackjack with 6 decks, then in each round you will play 6 decks. Unlike land-based casinos, where the cards are removed from the game, and the game continues only with the cards that are left in the shoe.

Card Counting Stories

The most famous in the field of card counting was acquired not by one person, but by the team. Since the 1970s, there have been many teams that have excelled in card counting and made millions of dollars. The main link in the teams were the so-called “insurers”, who sat in random order at the blackjack table and made small bets exclusively for card counting.

When the count was positive (ie there were more high value cards in the deck), the insurers used a secret signal to inform the big player that it was time to join the game. The big player joined the table and made the maximum bet … The second “insurer” continued counting, and when the deck turned negative, signaled to the “big player” that it was time to leave the table.

The most famous card counting teams were Al Francesco, Ken Uston’s team, MIT’s team, and Tommy Hyled’s team. Some of them were featured in the films 21 and The Last Casino.

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